Thursday 23 June 2016

Norlen Incorporated
Where we came from and who we are today

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Norlen Incorporated

Norlen Incorporated was established in 1964. We have grown from a two-person tool and die shop to an innovative manufacturing operation. Quality experience, skill and dedication have been an important part of our growth. We have continually reaffirmed our dedication to be a dynamic and technically advanced organization.

We have committed our resources to increase efficiency while striving for the highest quality in the products and services we offer our customers.

Conveniently located in Central Wisconsin, Norlen can meet your most critical needs for a manufactured metal product. Our uniqueness, however, lies in our ability to provide our customers with a complete service. In-house capabilities of a wide range of metal working methods, using the latest in advanced technologies, has established Norlen as one of the most sophisticated contract manufacturers in the Midwest.

Norlen is recognized as an industry leader in:
  • Producing precision stampings, fabrications, and machinings
  • Utilizing the latest laser technologies for metal cutting
  • Finishing metal to high cosmetic requirements
  • Designing and maintaining tool and die products
  • Providing fulfillment JIT/VMI to several major companies

At Norlen Inc., we listen to our customers' needs and requirements. We will do our utmost to solve their problems and provide answers to their questions as we deliver dependable service.


  • Produce high quality products through meticulous craftsmanship
  • Strong commitment to customer satisfaction through listening to customers' needs
  • Solve challenges by providing world-class service